Jan 15, 2011

Graham Parker and the Figgs: Live At The FTC

David Ryan from DVD Verdict reviews the 5.1 surround DVD & CD for Graham Parker and the Figgs: Live at the FTC that was mixed and mastered by Bryan Carrigan at Precision Sonics in Los Angeles.

One thing definitely needs to be highlighted with this DVD: the sound. The DTS surround track is, unquestionably, the best audio track I've ever heard on a concert DVD. Surround sound always promises the "You Are There!!!" effect—this track delivers it. All channels are in play—both rear surrounds get a workout, the bass is suitably thumpy, and the balance between the front right, center, and left channels is just about perfect. This is, literally, the first time I could close my eyes and actually fool myself into thinking that the artist was there in the room with me. It's just that good. I don't know what mojo went into recording this track, but whatever they did, they nailed it.