Nov 30, 2012

John Diliberto of Echoes interviews Bryan Carrigan and they talk about Windows...

Bryan Carrigan Washes Electronic Windows.

November 30, 2012

 Bryan Carrigan Completes a Trilogy of Electronic CDs with Windows.


Bryan Carrigan has been a journeyman musician, working behind the scenes on Hollywood films.  but in 2011, he began releasing his own music and he’s put out three CDs in the last year of his inventive and often ebullient compositions.  But towards the end of 2012, he put out a CD called Windows that takes him in a more Ambient direction.

 It wasn’t until he hit 42 in 2011 that Bryan Carrigan released his first solo album, Passing Lights.  But before the shrink wrap came off that one he put out a second CD, Focus.  Each disc had a different kind of effervescent electronic music.  Toward the end of 2012, Bryan Carrigan released his third CD in a year and it went in a completely different direction.

 “I wanted to step away from the loops and the beats and do something a little different,” says the Carrigan from his home studio in Southern California. “I’ve always wanted to do do something in an ambient direction.  I wanted to make sort of like an headphone album, you know, one of these albums you could hear multiple times and always catch something new on each listen.  And I’ve always really liked ambient music.

 The album is called Windows and although Carrigan was influenced by Ambient music, there was another sound that came into play.

 “I tried to walk this fine line between ambient and new age,” he confesses.  “And what I found out was it was really hard to do.”

 You don’t find too many musicians admitting to a fondness for New Age music.

 “I’m embracing it, yeah, why not?” he says with laughing defiance.  “There seems to be some kind of negative connotations with the term, but I wanted to show a softer side, a little more sense of melody.”

 You can hear Bryan Carrigan’s interview and his beautiful ambient music in the Echoes Podcast.


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